Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Before I release the 2016 ones, here are my last set of resolutions from 2013:

"100 posts about programming things I’ve encountered and want to share"

Rode the new years train a bit too hard on this one. Even without life getting in the way, this would have been a tough one to keep, but glad I managed even 14 posts even if 13 came in the first half of the year.

"Contribute a couple patches or a bug fix to an open source project."

To my credit, I did make a very small contribution to Django REST Framework as well as other smaller repositories. Work and personal projects have always gotten the best of me. I’ve since forked projects and made features I’ve needed but I’ve always been too lazy to properly submit pull requests with tests.

"Do a weekend project and get it on the front page of HN"

In retrospect, it seems silly to make a project with the explicit intention of making the HN front page. No wonder this is the resolution I remember making the least. I suspect many developers have fallen into the same trap, but I have numerous projects that are anywhere from 50% to 80% complete. Shipping products is an art.

“Read more books: I need to expand my knowledge beyond just reading the news and blogs"

By my count, I’ve read around 18 books since then. Paltry, to be sure, but not nothing.