Resolving 2016

Monday, January 02, 2017

Torrey Pines State Beach

Let's go over my 2016 resolutions:

"Ship something in virtual reality"

I made a scene in VR but nothing worth sharing or shipping. This resolution fell to the wayside since I was waiting for the touch controllers to come out. I also started some work on a 2D project. I might prefer 2D.

"Write 8 posts worthy of reading"

Well, it sure is rough to have fallen short on the first two resolutions. This one was related to the first, as I was planning on writing about things I learned in VR.

"Hike at two national parks, preferably new"

Hiked at Arches, Joshua Tree, Banff, Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake. Each park was deeply inspiring in its own way and I continue to feel lucky and humbled upon every visit. To get a feel for what I saw, check out my instagram.

“Live in a foreign country that's new to me"

I spent March living in Budapest. I had an amazing time in that city. Solo travel has shown me how much I care about human relationships. So it's exceedingly ironic that where I expected to find independence, I instead found how I crave the vulnerability of dependence.

“Develop a fluidity in the kitchen so most dishes I make are served on time"

I prepared somewhere between one to two handfuls of multiple course dinner parties (~6 people each time). And most were ready to go by the time the last guest arrived!

Be able to name all common herbs & spices by sight & smell"

TBD, I need to test myself and get this on tape.

"Accomplish at least two physical goals for surfing, snowboarding, skiing, or weightlifting"

Surfing: After many youtube videos and lots of trial and error, I'm proud to say I can usually get up on the board, albeit sometimes only briefly before falling. I still need to work on my speed and foot placement.

Snowboarding: I definitely progressed from beginner/intermediate to intermediate/advanced levels. I’m good enough to mess around on jumps at the terrain park and I can get some good speed on downhill runs.

Bonus physical goal: I went from the couch to a half marathon this year :)

All in all: 4 to 5 resolutions of 7.